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Becodefence Adult Nasal Spray 20ml


When the first signs of hay fever show, spray Becodefence for Fast and Effective defence against allergy symptoms and spray hello to summer.
Gets to work in just 3 minutes
Works 5x faster than tablets
Helps stop symptoms from developing
Drug and steroid free
Suitable for athletes, pregnant and breast-feeding women
For adults and children over 12 years

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Benadryl Naturease Nasal Spray 10ml


Instant cleaning effect
Helps to reduce mucus-trapped allergens
Soothing care
100% naturallu-sourced ingredients
Free of chemical additives & preservatives
Can be used without risk of rebound congestion
How to use
Please read the instructions for use carefully.
Adults and children over 6 years: Apply 1-2 sprays in each nostril several times a day as required, unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor.

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Sterimar Congestion Relief Spray


The natural solution to relieve blocked and runny noses for your tots. Stérimar Kids Congestion Relief is a 100% natural, purified sea water based nasal spray specifically formulated to help provide relief from congestion and runny noses in children.

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Stop N Grow


Use Stop’n’Grow’s unique double-acting formula to help you stop biting your nails for good.
Odourless and colourless its extremely bitter taste immediately deters any nibbling.
Within three weeks your nails will be longer and look more attractive – so rather than hiding your hands you’ll want to show them off.
Stop’n’Grow can also be used to help men and children of 5 years to break their nail biting habit.

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Weleda Hayfever Relief Oral Spray


For the symptomatic relief of hay fever and other forms of allergic rhinitis
Each spray contains Allium Cepa 6X, Euphrasia officinalis 6X and Gelsemium sempervirens 6X
Suitable for vegans

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