Organic Neem Capsules

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  • Neem is regarded as one of the world’s oldest and most useful herbs. Natural Neem Leaf Powder 60-Veg Capsules keep one of the pathogens and parasites away.
  • The Neem powder capsules support nutritional health of the liver, healthy bile flow, digestive health, blood glucose levels and a healthy diet.
  • In very popular phrases, neem is thought to have an affinity for the reproductive machine, the GI tract, the urinary tract, the respiration machine, and the circulatory machine.three For hundreds of years, various parts of the neem tree had been gathered for traditional fitness selling in addition to sensible ordinary uses.
  • The leaves, culmination, bark, and seed oil provide a wealth of benefits to the pores and skin, nails, scalp, teeth, and gums. Neem oil softens, moisturises, and protects the skin and also can be used as a deodorant for malodorous sweat.
  • Neem is surprisingly powerful within the protection of wholesome teeth and gums and helps typical oral hygiene; it is revered for the capacity to evoke natural colour and colourful health in each pores and skin and hair; and it additionally encourages sturdy digestion and metabolism, healthful blood, and bolsters the immune system.
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  • Pores, skin and Blood – Neem is famous and celebrated for promoting healthy pores and skin and a clear complexion. Due in part to its bitter flavor, it has an incredibly cooling effect at the body, lowering excess heat that can manifest as pores and skin blemishes.
  • Immune system – Its detoxifying consequences on the frame make it a excellent immune booster, especially for the cleaning of ama from the body.
  • Blood Sugar. The purifying advantages neem has at the frame’s blood and circulation also assist healthful blood sugar degrees already in the regular variety.
  • A wholesome digestive surroundings is vital for health. Neem reduces unwanted warmness and pollutants inside the GI tract.
  • Metabolism – Neem’s kapha-reducing properties encourage proper fats and water digestion and elimination, keeping water retention from gathering in the frame.
  • Lungs. Neem helps clean respiration and a healthy respiratory system.
  • Skin Moisture and Softness – Neem’s pores and skin benefits work each internally and externally. As an external utility, Neem oil or cleaning soap facilitates soothe and lubricate the pores and skin.
  • Hair – For people with extra pitta and warmth trapped inside the scalp and hair follicles, neem is exquisite for cooling the scalp and helping the increase of lustrous, clean hair.


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  • Per Capsule: Organic Neem Leaf Extract 450mg


Food supplement for adults, recommend 1 Capsules up to 2 times per day, ideally at meal times, or as advised by a health professional.

Does NOT Contain – Colouring, Preservatives, Additives, Milk/Dairy, Colouring or Yeast.


Store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.


Please keep out of reach from children. No added sugar, preservatives, sweetness or colours. Not to be used by a person under the age of 18. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or taking medication, then please consult your health practitioner. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reaction occur. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For allergens please see ingredients in Bold.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.