Recommended Daily Allowance?

Recommend 1 tablet up to 2 times per day, ideally at meal times, or as advised by a health professional. Please see individual product for RDA information. Skin care product we recommend using the product atleast 2 to 3 times a week, see our guide under clay mask for more information and please download for your use.

Safety Warning?

Please keep out of reach from children. No added sugar, preservatives, sweetness or colours. Not to be used by a person under the age of 18. If pregnant or nursing then please consult a health professional.

Niikam Supplement Contains Medication?

All our products are 100% Organic with no chemicals, even our capsules are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Where Are NIIKAM Products Made?

All our products are carefully manufactured and made under tight regulations around the world, we regularly conduct site visits to keep on top of manufacturing which goes thought high level checking process, the products are then carefully dispatched for all our customers around the world.

I have currently taking medication, can I still use NIIKAM Products?

If you are under medical treatment, we recommend consulting with your doctor or health care practitioner before you start taking NIIKAM products.

What Happens if I stop NIIKAM Supplements?

With our Herbal Supplements, its vitally important the capsules are taken regularly to see the effects, some customers start to see the benefits within day, such as Summers under our testimonials, ‘speedy delivery and awesome product. Immediate effect- laughing again for the first time in years :)) Thank you’, however this is not the same for all our customers and with Ayurvedic and Herbal Supplements its important to keep on taking it for a long time


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